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Yukio Utaite

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Yukio Utaite Empty Yukio Utaite

Post by Lord Yukio on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:39 pm

Yukio Utaite Toshizo_hijikata_by_hiddenxemotion-d530lsv
NameYukio Utaite
NicknameLord Yukio

Age:2,000 (Appears 20)
Weapon: N/A
Covenant:Satori No Ketsueki

Interest:Roses and little children, all the simple little things that are often taken for granted in life.
Fears: His clan and everyone he has left dying

Physical Appearance: A fairly tall fellow who stands at 6,4 weighing in on 184lbs. His jet black hair usually hides his blood thirsty red eyes. He attires himself in traditional Japanese kimono's as lounge aware and an old Japanese WWI uniform as his prime attire. He maintains long hair that he has tied in a pony tail wrapped around his neck out of sight and out of the way. The symbol of his Clan worn proudly all his attire. His covenant's symbol is labeled on his back as a tattoo.

Personality:For a "go hard" warrior he has a soft side. He tends to try and make everyone around him smile. As the leader of both a clan and a covenant he is also keeping secret from his clan, Yukio natural has to maintain two complete opposite personalities. Sure he may be a wonderful family man with his clan but behind closed doors he is a pure evil criminal rotten to the core.

Bio:Yukio born into the 6th generation was always a strange child. He was to pampered accordingly and all his needs were to be met. Though his father was the head of the clan and he was considered royalty, warrior wise, Yukio was a disgrace to his family. Though no could figure out why he lacked the skills his mother and father had possessed, Yukio had bigger plans for himself, his clan, their future. The year of 1459 Yukio's father had died due to an illness that he had had for quite sometime yet he was unaware all those years, within the next couple of years Yukio's Mother had also died of the same disease. Leaving him the burden of their clan. Yukio found out he also had the same disease but instead of ignoring it, he embraced it. He had hired many doctors to try and promote the disease instead of rid it from his veins. It had been done within the next 50 years. More of the history can be found at the following link:

Miscellaneous:ex-wife is the head of the Shirayuki Clan, Shirayuki Dark

Role Play Sample:N/A *Maybe later*

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Lord Yukio
Lord Yukio

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Yukio Utaite Empty Re: Yukio Utaite

Post by lady dark on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:43 pm

lady dark
lady dark

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