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Dark Shirayuki

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Dark Shirayuki Empty Dark Shirayuki

Post by lady dark on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:09 am

Dark Shirayuki 894058-bigthumbnail

Name: dark shirayuki
Nickname: lady dark

Gender: female
Age: 2,000 (Appears 20)
Weapon: a pure silver sword called glisinva evvain (means silver soul)
Clan: shirayuki

Interest: darkness, night, the moon, And fighting basically she dosent take anything from anyone .
Fears: her fears are.           People forgetting her existence.

Physical Appearance: A graceful girl who stands at 5,11 weighing in on 100 pound she has long mid thigh white hair anthat falls in waves and dark onyx eyes. She wears a long japanese kimono in shades of black dark blue and dark purple as her non combative atire and a short thigh high battle kimono in a dark shade of red held by a silver obi and combat boots as her fighting attire. Her hair falls in waves around her body most of the time but when in battle she wears it in a long braid down her back with her bangs held by a clip. A shadowy wolf is her clan symbol which is displayed over her left breast.

Personality: a girl born of pure darkness as a child she sealed away all her negative emotions resulting in her having two personalitys the first is a kind loveing girl who loves to have fun. And the.other is an evil malicious girl who loves watching and being the cause of others torment.

Bio: as a child dark was beaten and abused and grew to hate her family for it. Seeing this she locked away her true emotions trying to live peacefully with them. Then one night when her stepfather was drunk he began beating her worse hitting her over and over until she was near death. That was when she snapped her try self awoke from her confinement and killed her tormentor. Her mother has feared her ever since then. And she was shunned but all of her family treated like dirt once more.

Miscellaneous: ex husband is head of the Utaite Clan, Yukio Utaite

Role Play Sample:N/A *Maybe later*

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lady dark
lady dark

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Name: dark shirayuki
Gender: female
Age: 20

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Dark Shirayuki Empty Re: Dark Shirayuki

Post by Lord Yukio on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:37 pm

This Application is Approved!
Lord Yukio
Lord Yukio

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