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shirayuki clan district

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shirayuki clan district Empty shirayuki clan district

Post by lady dark on Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:25 pm

Dark looked over her private quarters looking at herself in he mirror for a split second then left makeing her way down the streets of the small district in the village belonging to the shirayuki clan. Dark sighed as she looked at her clan members two standing out to her two young guards one a female with long dark hair and green eyes and the other a male with dark red hair and blue eyes.
"Tenshi! Yomi! Come we are to go to the utaite clan mansion today. I wish to speak with yuki..."
dark smerked in amusement as she pulled the Hood of her travel cloak up to hide her face as they left the district.

What do you care, ill rip your heart out, and relish every second of it as I do.
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