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Lord Drako

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Lord Drako Empty Lord Drako

Post by Lord Drako on Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:44 pm


Age:Real:Unknown Looks:25

Interest:Drako likes to drink.He also likes to read
Fears: None

Appearance:Drako has jet black hair spiked with blue eyes he is 6'3 and muscular with a scar going from the upper left of his chest to the bottom right he wears Black jeans with a red design on it spelling Kyūketsuki  and a Black shirt and white runners he is very pale and attractive.He also sometimes wears a black suit with a black tie and a white shirt.
Personality:Drako loves to drink and flirt with women he deems attractive enough. Drako is an intelligent man due to having such a long life and is generally calm in all situations. He is also a leader who values trust,honour and loyalty.

Bio:Drako was born in Ireland sometime near 10,000 BC as one of the first settlers he grew up as a hunter. One day while hunting he was attacked by a group of wolves that hurt him horribly as he began to die something inside him shot out and took action his skin grew dead pale and fangs shot out of his mouth he also grew claws.He killed all of the the attacking wolves but had an unquenchable thirst in his throat he instinctively shot his fangs into a wolf's corpse and sucked it's blood dry.Curious of what he was he hid it. As he hunted he began to notice increased speed and strength.After years of existence he noticed he wasn't aging and his tribe noticed to scared of him they kicked him out of the tribe.He continued to live in Ireland until 800 BC where he boarded a ship across the sea.etc.etc.

Miscellaneous:He lived through a lot of historical events

Role Play Sample:

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Lord Drako Empty Re: Lord Drako

Post by Lord Yukio on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:26 pm


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