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Utaite Clan

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Utaite Clan

Post by Lord Yukio on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:17 pm

Clan Name: Utaite
Head of Clan: Utaite, Yukio
Bloodline/Clan’s Skill: Jinsei No Doku
Clan Race: Vampires

Member(s): N/A *Right now*

History: The Utaite clan has been around for generations and still will be around for generations to come. History suggests that the Utaite clan were peace makers who lived in a very traditional Japanese manner. Though this clan appeared to be harmless history also suggests that this clan like many others have plenty of black holes to fill. It is apparent that this clan was once one giant clan formed together with the Shirayuki Clan. The two lived in harmony until Shinigami Eien ni *Utaite* comensed into a battle with his older brother for supreme power over the clan. In the end it was the eldest brother,............. Eien ni who was the victor. He then cursed his brother by sucking up the venom of life and then releasing it into his brothers veins, punishing his family for generations. The venom of life was a newly developed formula at that time still under going test, if the person whos system it was ins heart rate were to increase the formula would promote the pulses speed through out his/he body rapidly increasing all of there physical stats but since it rapidly pumps this formula through ones veins it becomes too much causing many within the clan to die. This is what ended up killing many utaite members especially towards their elderly years since it requires more of an effort for them to complete simple task. That is why they have given up the war like lifestyle and moved to the lifestyle of peace.

How to Join: Must be born into the clan *PM me*

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Lord Yukio
Lord Yukio

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Re: Utaite Clan

Post by lady dark on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:36 pm

lady dark
lady dark

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